Horses and the Rosens in Gacionys Dvaras.

Horses and equestrian sports have always been a true passion for the Rosens.

The house still has a very large 700 SqM barn made of large walls and an indoor arena for exercising  horses.

One of our ancestors was a dear friend of Pierre de Coubertin the man who created the modern Olympic Games and he pressed Coubertin back in 1889 to introduces equestrian sports in the Olympics.


Past Pictures :

Piotr Rosen mon arrière grand père et le frère de mon grand père Stanislaw

Piotr Rosen Antoni Rosen’s Father  and  his older son Stanislaw  Rosen,  who died just before WWII

atia sur geisha a Gaczany

Antoni Rosen riding Geisha in Gacionys Dvaras

antoni rosen sur Fuks en 1939

Antoni Rosen riding Fuks en 1939

And Present ones:


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